LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3437课 homogenize

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今天我们要学的词是 homogenize.

homogenize 的意思是均质化,同质化。 Disagreement is a foundational point of our democracy. We should welcome opposing viewpoints, and we should not homogenize the thoughts of a nation whose beauty lies in its diversity. 意见不一是我们民主的基点,我们应该欢迎不同观点,而不是在一个因多元化而美好的国家里同化人们的思想。

homogenize 的名词形式是 homogenization:For all of the homogenization of modern culture in the U.S., pockets of traditional cultures still thrive, such as Cajun life in Thibodaux, Louisiana. 尽管现代文化在美国一统天下,但有些传统文化仍然在某些社区欣欣向荣,例如路易斯安那州蒂博多的卡津生活。
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