LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3442课 salvage

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今天我们要学的词是 salvage.

salvage的意思是拯救、营救。 Iran's admission that its armed forces shot down a Ukrainian passenger airliner appeared to be intended to salvage its credibility at a time of heightened international tension and domestic unrest. 伊朗承认其武装部队击落了一架乌克兰客机,这似乎是为了在国际紧张局势加剧和国内动荡之际挽回其信誉。

French President Emmanuel Macron tried to calm nationwide tensions and salvage support for his overhaul of the country's retirement system, as France faced weeks of crippling strikes. 在法国经历了数周带来严重影响的罢工活动之际,法国总统马克龙试图缓和全国各地的紧张局势,挽回人们对他全面整改退休制度的支持。
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