LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3445课 malfunction

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今天我们要学的词是 malfunction.

malfunction 的意思是发生故障,失灵。 Manhattan's Metro Transportation Authority has announced that more than 300 subway cars were being pulled from service due to malfunctions, which raised questions about how the MTA is spending the hundreds of millions of dollars paid by taxpayers. 曼哈顿地铁运输管理局宣布,有300多辆地铁由于故障停运,引发人们质疑该机构是如何使用纳税人数亿美元资金的。

Dozens of 737 MAX jets are being held at the Boeing facility as the FAA continues to keep the model grounded due to malfunctions leading to two crashes, which killed a combined 346 people. 数十架波音737 MAX型飞机被停放在波音工厂,美国联邦航空局仍限制这个机种升空,原因是飞机故障导致两起坠机事故,造成一共346人丧生。
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