LEARN A WORD 学个词 第3447课 attainment

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今天我们要学的词是 attainment.

attainment 的意思是取得,达到。 South Africa has been experiencing a rise in the marriage age for women, catching up on a global trend in developed nations, where women’s educational attainment and incomes are rising along with the age of the average bride. 南非妇女的结婚年龄一直在推后,正在赶上全球发达国家的趋势,也就是随着妇女受教育程度和收入增加,新娘的平均年龄也增大。

The Justice Department reported recovery of over $3 billion from False Claims cases in 2019, which include fraud schemes such as billing for services not provided, billing for the same service more than once, and inappropriate attainment of various goods and services. 美国司法部称2019年从“虚报费用”案件中追回了30多亿美元,这些案件的欺诈行为包括对未提供服务的收费,或同一服务多次收费,以及不当获取各种物品及服务。
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